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The "Crystal of the Month Club" Box

The "Crystal of the Month Club" Box

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     Are you ready to experience the awe-inspiring beauty and transformative power of crystals? Look no further! Immerse yourself in a world of wonder as you receive a carefully curated selection of premium, hand-picked crystals delivered right to your doorstep each month. From mesmerizing amethysts that radiate serenity to vibrant citrines that ignite creativity, our crystal of the month subscription box is designed to ignite your senses and elevate your spiritual journey by focusing on one special crystal type a month.

    Our Crystal of the Month Box experience is more than just receiving crystals; it's about connecting with their energy. With each shipment, you'll receive guide cards, that unlocks the secrets of your crystals. Discover the fascinating history, metaphysical properties, and practical uses of your crystals, empowering you to harness their energy for healing, manifestation, and personal growth.

     Each month, we curate a selection of crystals based on the Zodiac calendar, aligning them with the energies of the season and the cosmic rhythms of the universe. This ensures that the crystals you receive are not only aesthetically pleasing but also work in harmony with your personal intentions, helping you to manifest your desires and unlock your true potential!

Details: Our Crystal of the Month Club box will vary month to month and from person to person. You may receive any variation of crystals from the available options for the month. On average you will receive 3-5 crystals, a fairy jar, an herb jar, plus stickers or other fun bonus gifts and discounts every month. Subscription box orders are shipped on the 25th of each month. Billing date will depend on when you sign up, but can be easily changed under your subscription portal. Please message us if you have any questions or need and help!

    P.S. We understand that your crystal journey is a personal one, which is why we are going to offer various other subscription options to suit your preferences. Stay tuned   for our other subscription boxes that will be released soon, like the Jewelry Box if you love the beauty and power of Crystal Jewelry and our Lifestyle box if you’d like a personally curated holistic lifestyle box delivered to your front door monthly!





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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Hannah B.

They were beautiful crystals. But one of them broke which was sad

Kimberly P.

I loved every piece! Everything was amazing!

Cam H.
Crystals of the month club

You're not afraid to take risks and think outside the box. I admire your creative thinking and willingness to try new ideas things. I alway look forward to my Crystal of the club mystery box. You can alway see the mass amount of care that you put into these boxes. I love mine ❤️


This was high quality crystals and the extras put in were so fun. I am excited for next month.

Meleah M.

The crystal box is such a fantastic idea for crystal enthusiasts! I’ve been getting crystals for months now and I’m so impressed by the quality of the crystals and the thoughtful packaging. The amount of crystals in each box is generous for the price, and it’s such a treat to unpack new crystals every month. One of my orders got lost in the mail and Violett was quick to help in getting my package to me, the care that goes into this box is so worth it. Anyone who loves crystals or knows someone who loves crystals would have a great time with this, my collection grows every month plus I’m able to gift my friends some of these as well! Highly recommend :)